About Dream Baron

Welcome to Dream Baron

We always have experiences of dreaming at night, or daytime. Some made you laugh in the morning, some scared you up at night.

You’d always like to know the meanings of that dream all day or even days but usually, give up with no certain result?

It really sucks!

For this reason, I set up this Dream Interpretation website to help you get ideas of what’s the meanings that dream bring to you.

Let’s put the dreams on the table and anatomize it with our expertise, interpreting exactly the connections between the dreams and reality.


My name’s Sandra H. Scott, the owner and chief content editor of DreamBaron.com.

I was fascinated by Dream Interpretation since I was a pupil.

I dreamed of being an Interpretator who is famous in the town I was living.

The school Headmaster came to me one day and asked for an interpretation.

I forgot what was in his dream but I told him that, the dream’s telling you, the teachers gave too much homework to the students.

They would stand up and overturn you someday, go back to your office now and cut half of the homework for students, and all will be ok.

The Headmaster was startled by what I’ve told, flew to his office with the speed of light by driving his rocket and did cut half of the homework.

The students were laughing like crazy after they knew about it, and all of them were trying to be my friend. I felt like I’m the Queen in this school.

I laughed like an idiot in the dream and can’t stop laughing after waking up.

A seed had grown in my mind after this impressive dream.